Raven/ress Lost & Found

For the Raven/ress that may feel lost,

but that always finds what can be never lost…


Lost & Found


Hollow footsteps, cloaked by night
Of sadness known through tortured sight;
The willow weeps for solitude
As Owl moans a gloomy interlude.
– Reflection in the glossy lake
“If I should die before I wake…”
A tear shatters the silent face
That seeks solace in this deserted place.
Wind whispers through the willow’s leaves,
And Owl, perched high, silently grieves.
The glow from city lights afar
Swallow whole a falling star.
A wish upon the trembling lips
For peace. A raven gently sips
The water near his honored guest,
But soon flies to his hidden nest.
Weary beneath the flowing cloak,

The traveller rests against an oak
And fights the lure of heavenly sleep
-“I pray the Lord my soul to keep…”


Forever lost, each journey taken
Plagues the mind; the nights awaken
Troubled visions, thoughts of yesterdays,
That seem like beacons – lives away.
Random comforts cannot ease this soul,
For knowledge takes its weary toll
‘Pon one who suffers with each breath,
Who slept once in peace, then awoke in death..

~ Anonymous ~


Raven Mandala by Nathalie Parenteau




26 thoughts on “Raven/ress Lost & Found”

  1. Holy Toledo…this poem captures what depression is like for me, in so many ways. I’m always in awe of anyone that can put that black pit into words. Thank you, thank you for sharing this.

    PS. Is it wrong that I think the guy in the drawing is incredibly hot?

  2. Thank you each and every one of you…

    Kris, nothing wrong with that at all 🙂
    Alex, I did not know Heather b4 Z, unless in a previous life… which is quite likely 🙂

    May we find solace in unexpected places & times.

  3. a friend is dying of cancer, her time is nearly at hand. she isn’t a close friend but we worked together as co-den leaders of our boy’s cubscout dens for years so i know the kids and her a bit and, well it’s sad to see the impact …i was looking for some solace, thinking of her after seeing her and her family at the school tonight. she is wheelchair bound and heavily medicated. she has a special fondness for a band of the Objibwe in Canada where her family summered as she grew. her father died up there at the lake last year and the local band came to thier friends and held healing ceremonies and she was greatly touched by thier caring. did you know they believe the raven is responsible for the bringing about of mankind? odd you chose the image and poem to go together …not odd, natural i guess. i don’t feel any better but i thought it was neat; what you have here.

    thank you.

  4. If you have found some solace Mark then that is a comfort to me. The Temple has been a place of peace and respite for me. My life has changed completely since my husband’s death. I did know the story of Raven bringing life to the world. It resonates for me. Thank you for sharing your feelings. May you and your friend’s loved ones find peace.

  5. Sorry for my friend. He is immature and has no other way of annoying me than being childish.

    Btw his name is Stuart Burrel and he will probably be posting more after this to try and annoy me more. Admin delete them please…

  6. I was just passing through, happened by this by chance and I am glad I did. I love all imagery around ravens and crows. Enough that I am dedicating skin to canvas for my own images to stay with me forever.

    I enjoyed the image because it reflects the raven as a totem, and poem touched quite a few feelings on certain matters.

    Thank You for posting it.

  7. And I thought I was a fair writer! That poem blew me away. So did the pictures. But that’s not saying much because I’m not really good at art.

  8. The poem and both pictures are more than amazing. To be honest, I actually LOVE the poem! I always tried to write one that has the soul of a raven as a base for it.

    I’m not good at writing poems, neither at creating pictures…. but from the eyes of a common person, the idea and realization of the first picture are more than amazing. Personally, I’d say it’s a perfect idea.

  9. I looked around the website you linked, but I couldn’t find the mirrored raven picture anywhere on it.Who made it? I’d like to know if I can use it elsewhere or if it’s copyrighted… and even if it IS copyrighted, I’d love a copy of it, since it’s such an incredible picture.

    Thanking you in advance

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