Goddess Prayer ~C^3


Our love, our truth, the great compassionate awareness that rids us of judgment and control, who loves without violence, who embraces all, we invoke you.

We live in ignorance of the Fullness and fight against Its wholeness.  We perpetuate fear and despair.  We perpetuate our fragmented and violent mortality.

We continually place controls and praise those who control, and we constantly act out this violence in the name of the father, in the name of ourselves.

We are self-full when we should be selfless.  We are selfish when we should be compassionate.  We hold on when we should let go.  We try to control when we should surrender.  We judge when we should give.  We die for God when we should live for love, for our Mother, for her illuminating wisdom.

We allow guilt and shame to confine us, instead of embracing it, absolving it, letting go.  We have not found our immortal freedom, only violent constraints within material structures, only prisons.

Oh Goddess, Mother of Wisdom, assist us in truth so that we can achieve love and glorify you.

With your knowing, we will become aware and redeem God the controller, our father, your son.  We will glorify you by redeeming him and his ignorance of the Origin.

And we will go home together.  We will gather like sparks uniting into spiraling fire, and we will travel back to the Pleroma.  We will circle and gather and complete ourselves in cleansing and refining light.

We live in ignorance when divine wisdom is coursing in and through us.  Ignorance breeds our violence and fear of other, while wisdom embraces all things, good and evil, love and hate, peace and war.  Wisdom frees us from fear, gives love to our suffering shame, unites one and an-other.

Our ignorance destroys us when wisdom can save us, deliver us.  We walk in ignorance     and lash out blindly at others, at anything unknown.  We do not see the beauty of surrendering, and thus, we fight on, battling endlessly.

Mother Wisdom, reveal to us the beautiful knowledge you possess.  For we truly want to love each other again and renew what was lost, what was forgotten.

And now we wait for your enveloping grace.  We are desolate and abominable.  We hate     ourselves, and thus, we rage war and more wars and rumors of war.  We hate being alone, and thus, we hate our loneliness.

Oh yes, we need your grace to awaken us anew in this hour of hateful pride.  We are alone and fear our emptiness for we do not understand it.  We do not know our nothingness.

So now we humbly ask you, Goddess of Love, Wisdom Mother, to reveal the light within     us.  Let us see the Fullness and our separation.  Let us learn to long for the joining again.

We love you Wisdom.  We are empty without your beauty shining upon us, filling us from within.  We desire your glorifying light for the release of the controls that confine us, that enslave us.

We desire the knowledge of the embrace of our loneliness.  We desire the love of our   plenitude, our perception of the One and the many of the One.  We desire the ingathering, the union, the final fulfillment.  We desire knowledge and awareness, compassion and peace.  We desire Divine Love.  We desire enlightenment, and thus, we desire you.

––––––I Am You, Christopher Chad Cobb aka C^3

Image: Josephine Wall’s “No More” 


3 thoughts on “Goddess Prayer ~C^3”

  1. It has not been a good day here. Darryl is weak and tired and because of a mix up with meds has had a bad day. Tonight, before I close my eyes I will lie reading this again. Thank you so much Darina.

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