Finding the Goddess of Compassion

The vision came during the earlier hours of the morning, long after sunset, and some time before the sun rose again to shine its rays of hope and warmth upon a cold earth. Many is the night that I have spent tossing and turning in my bed seeking answers to questions, most of them unasked but merely felt. How often have I cried out to any who would listen to help me find the words that might express the longing, the yearning that has no name, the seeking that has no destination. It is something akin to a spiral that twists and twirls and turns ever deeper, into a black hole that seems to suck the life from the outer physical body to the amorphous insubstantial spirit realm that lies hidden to the naked eye.

Well this night was like many that came before and would come again, or at least it began that way. But somewhere around the third hour of the night watch, a cry issued forth from my soul, a cry of despair, begging the unseen and invisible forces that surrounded my bed should show their face and offer solace and comfort. The tears were still wet upon my face when all of a sudden I felt myself lifted up and transported across the room and then it seemed as if I passed through the wall and lo and behold, there lay in front of me another room, nay more like a cave, than an abode created by human hands. In the middle of the cave there was a pool and it was to this that my mysterious bearers carried me and where they laid me. At first it seemed as if I was alone, but gradually as my eyes adjusted to the dimly lit cave there emerged from the darkness three female figures, each bearing a candle in their hands, and all coming from different directions to converge at the pool side. Placing their candles down on the red earth they approached me, walking in a slow and meditative manner. I had no fear as they got nearer. These women meant me no harm. Two of them disrobed me and helped ease me into the warm water, upon which floated a scattering of deep red and pink rose petals. Then they too removed their own robes and stepped in.

At first I closed my eyes and floated in the birthing waters of the Great Mother’s womb. My female companions sang together in unison a lament of such beauty that it was impossible not to weep.

One approached and took my hand and whispered the words ‘’All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well’’.

It was then that I recognised her as the great medieval mystic, Julian of Norwich.

Kissing her hands I replied, ‘’Julian of Norwich, be with me.’’

‘’My child, I am always with you. Wherever you walk, I walk beside you.’’

Julian sank back against the side of the pool. Another came forth, moving gently towards me.

‘’I am Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, and your cries have reached my ears and my heart. From henceforth you shall never be alone.’’

Kwan Yin returned to her place and another approached.

‘’I am Mary of Guadalupe and I too have heard your suffering. Know that your tears shall be my tears and each droplet will shine like a glorious diamond in the firmament of the heavens and will create within you a heart as deep and rich as mine. Your heart shall beat to the rhythm of the world’s tears and pain. Know that you too are divine.’’

And then a truly amazing thing happened. It was as if the walls of the cave burst open and from each crack and gap emerged a multitude of female figures, women who had walked the earth and women who had walked with those who had been given the gift of life on earth. I saw Tara, the compassionate mother goddess of the Tibetan Buddhists; Isis, Egyptian mother goddess of the universe and symbol of alchemical transformation; Sarasvati, Hindu goddess of wisdom; Estsanatlehi, Navajo corn goddess; Freyja, Norse goddess of creativity, love and beauty; Juno, Roman goddess and protector of all women; Venus, Roman goddess of open hearts, love and joy; Athena, ancient Greek goddess of wisdom; Chang O, Chinese moon goddess; Lakshmi, Hindu goddess of the feminine and abundance; Oya, Nigerian goddess of the wind and female strength; and Inanna, an ancient and great goddess also known as ’Queen of Heaven’, and many , many more, too numerous to name.

The cave was filled with the heavenly chanting of generation after generation of women, all of whom were my true ancestors and all who I now knew, walked with, and accompanied me, wherever I went. And then the singing stopped. A silent hush fell across the room as a beautiful and luminous female figure appeared. She was all dressed in white, or rather in light filled garments. She seemed to be attired in a long gown and Her face was covered by a hood. Without a doubt I knew that She was the Divine Feminine. It was She who I was seeking and She was here. She had come to show Her face, or rather Her Being.

And then it seemed as if all the women who were present began to change and each started to radiate light from deep within until the room was filled with blinding glorious rays. Suddenly my own body began to slowly light up and shimmer in a soft glow until I too became just like all my companions. And then I found my voice and as they all began to chant it seemed as if I had always known the words that issued forth from my mouth. So it was that I sang the song of the Goddess and in singing it awakened the goddess that lay sleeping within.

For how long the vision remained I cannot say. All I know is that when I awoke the next morning I had returned to my bed and the early morning sun shone through a chink in the curtain, illuminating a scattering of rose petals which had been left as a gift and reminder of another world, another way of being.

Soul Sister

10 thoughts on “Finding the Goddess of Compassion”

  1. Oh soulsister, I am touched by this account and meeting of the goddesses. Your eloquent words and vivid imagery took me with you on your journey withinin your self and found there waiting the calm and nurturing sense of fulfilled being.

    Your words ring true and fill me with elation and I thank you for that.

    I wish you peace and love,

  2. Wow Edith! I am going to print this out to read and reread so that I too may experience this place of tender loving. As Judith Dureck often says ‘How would life have been different if..” we had a place like this. Well it seems we now have it. So exciting really!

  3. Soulsister, I feel a very deep connection to this story. Once, a few years ago, I too was taken to the pool. A great preistess (perhaps the divine femine?) oversaw a pool which was filled from an underground river’s waterfall. She and I started on top of the waterfall, looking down into the pool. She wore a beautifull headdress full of a kaleidescope of colors and feathers, shells and crystals. She smiled at me genuinely and told me to join the other women in the pool. At that instant, I was transported to the pool at the waterfalls end. It was a natural pool but had been carved with beautifull designs. Women stood all around the pool. Some robed, some not robed, all beautifull in that way that comes from within and shines forth to without. They took my hand, singing, chanting beautifull songs, seducing me into the waters of the pool with their kindness and beauty. They slowly and lovingly took off my clothes and guided me into the pool. There they fed me fresh fruits and bathed me with the cleanest and purest of waters. They sang to me and massaged my skin with sweet smelling oils. It was an initiation. It was beautifull. And all of it occured under the watchfull of eye of the High Preistess above on the waterfall’s ledge. She smiled down at me and the other women. “Now you are a preistess,” she sang. And the women all surrounded me, touched me with loving hands and made a circle around me. They chanted and sang and joy filled the cave! It was a beautifull dream. Your story reminded me so acutely of this dream. I’m actually in awe that this has happened to both of us! WoW! Thank you soo much for sharing. I loved your descriptiveness. You managed to form a very beautifull picture in my mind, one I feel compelled to draw. Does anyone know how to upload pictures so that I can share them with all of you? I’d love for Soulsister to see the art her story has just inspired in me. Last time I tried uploading a picture though, it came out far too big and only a small peice (enlarged) could be seen. Please Help? Soulsister *hugs* thank you, you truly are a sister!

  4. Soulsister what a fabulous goddess council! The imagery is vivid and duende! Ninjacat – many of us visit the sacred waters – perhaps it was you or Soulsister under the robes and veils at the springs last night?

  5. Edith,

    This is such a divine call and song of the soul… Such a vision, experience and initiation honors and celebrates the Divine Feminine and Goddess in all of us in a gentle, intimate and cosmic way…

    It also reminds me of the nine Muses, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, the ancient Goddess of memory. They lived together on Mount Parnassus, and were often in the company of Apollo, playing around the pools and water springs. Initially, the Muses didn’t have personalities or names, but later they were all assigned names and specific traits. Clio was the Muse of history, Urania of astronomy, Euterpe of lyric poetry, Polyhymnia of songs to the gods, Melpomene of tragedy, Thalia of comedy, Terpsichore of dance, Calliope of epic poetry, and Erato of love poetry. “He is happy whom the Muses love.” Hesiod exclaimed and I will paraphrase: “Blessed are we whom The Goddesses smile and the Muses inspire…”

    Thank you for the soul-full sharing. It inspires me to share more with some divine images by Josephine Wall…

  6. Oh that you would know of what touches me here,
    and you know (Edith) more than most of my internal fires — and connection with this Current …

    Yet, I am called to say …

    any emersion in a gender based mythos
    is of ‘fencing out’
    rather than
    “gathering within”
    and of that understanding,
    I have a long way to go …/
    and will embrace and support
    all explorations of the
    “Goddess within” —
    as long as you embrace
    that I was perhaps
    here before you
    in faith —
    after enlightenment
    I was created woman first
    as are we all.

    There is, after all,
    only “is” and gender
    is but a divine joke”


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