For Charlie

Seeing Charlie today, knowing his life was over,
putting everything into my own context,
(self-centered pig that I am)
I felt grateful I was still alive.

It was only later, the thought occurred,
that I was the one running out of time,
while Charlie now had all eternity before him.

I mourned his death
the shortness of his life,
the difficulties he faced,
the days that ran out too soon,

while, infinity surrounding him
within his Father’s house,
he prayed for me, still chained
and bound by time.


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Love: my Christian faith and the wisdom of other religions, writing, making art, reading, being compassionate to those who need me. Finished (5/2018) Meditate and Mediate course with Thomas Hubl and William Ury now joining and going forward with other members via FB, WP and Zoom. Feeling blessed.

5 thoughts on “For Charlie”

  1. One thing about death; one is no longer bound by time…loved this, a wonderful tribute. There seems to something we learn by someone’s passing, I have found. Thank you for sharing this poignant and intimate piece.


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