The Butterflies.



Like the butterflies, we must all transform through the tunnelled cacoon of death and change

So we can fly in the freedom of the heavens, visiting human flowers we love, un – encumbered by our human heaviness

Now, as light as a feather with the message of hope, love, peace and freedom fluttering in our wings

We CAN find the time to put a smile on a childs face,

Teach from insight, hindsight and example profound ‘lessons of being’ like, living in each moment to all who will learn

For the ‘old’ must die so the ‘new’ can live and emerge more beautiful

Free to enjoy the simple things, like being in the company of those we love and bringing a ray of hope to someones heart

Filled with wonderment and tranquility, going about our daily lives

Like little angels in the making – are we


The Butterflies.

(c)T.Seed. 2006.

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