Love lives on

My love you left me
and lonely
and then returned
in memory, your stories
gentle touch
and care
I walk each day through all those years
and hear you, know you, know
you’re with me


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I have wandered the Soul Food places for a long long time, been the donkey's secretary, posted many a rhyme. My earthplace too has been too long and the road up the mountain is sometimes steep but I still live, and love and write or draw for my dear people.

5 thoughts on “Love lives on”

  1. This is a lovely poem and as far as I am concerned an accurate experience of the stages of grief.

    To feel left and alone
    To remember and reflect
    To then know they still live in our hearts

    The pain and reflection that leads to the final peace comes through so strongly.

    I liked this very much.

    Camelot Scribe

  2. A fine expression of dealing with grief — for perhaps our future contentment is founded
    not on our memories, but how we set them
    as anchors and foundations for our being


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