Alone I am Nothing

When I discovered this marvel last year I posted it in many places, including a Soul Food Blog, but think it deserves to be here also.


Alone I am nothing — but …

A chance item on the radio —
caught between a station search
to help my journey along …
because I am alone;
spoke of the uniqueness of the Trifid Nebula,
seen low in the Sagittarius sky.

It is powered by a single blazing star,
an infant really, growing too quickly
that will profoundly consume itself
in but another million years or so …
but, just so, is making its presence known,
except to all creation
if we’ll look and see.

It does nothing! Nothing at all but be!
Yet its presence causes ether winds to flow,
and sleeping wavicles of transient energy
are coaxed into a spawning mode —
to cluster and churn in enhanced chaos,
finding simple companionships unknown.

New stars are being born this very day,
hundreds already larger than our feeble sun —
yet they are mostly hidden — learning
behind a veil of bluish misted shield
that protects by reflection of light
from every stretch of the galaxy.

It is a nursery, you see —
and only relatives are allowed to enter
less we disturb the pulsing love of this crone star —
barren in itself — forever lifeless,
yet a nursemaid of Foundation,
softly singing lullabies in notes we cannot hear.


Now, my friend — think of the work you do,
the peace and comfort of your sharing here.
It should be your presence — your being — my being
that kindles dreams and suckles yearning passion —
that allows magick to conduct through us;
and that is why I am a poet and bard
in the whimsy of Lemuria for a while.
Now we share thoughts of solace,
and in being alone in sorrow
we are joined … so find joy also.

It is only by reflection that you perceive me
as I swirl a misty cape of the matador —
to confuse and beguile the raging torrents,
and give innocence a chance — to prance,
to swim beyond our simple presence
unto a billion years and memories.


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4 thoughts on “Alone I am Nothing”

  1. Aloneness is a powerful illusion and in sharing our oneness we find peace and joy and even bliss…

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful expression and let us find not only solace, but rest in its truth for eternity…
    Darina 🙂

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