Free Hugs

I don’t normally post the art of others, but this little video clip is  providing me with a little solace at the moment and I hope it will to some of you as well.It has started world-wide movement of free hugs.

<> I am in need of free hugs because my middle daughter, aged 13 has  managed to get herself placed into a foster family- she was behaving  violently towards her sistsers and the only way to stop her was to restrain her( she had already smashed windows when we had tried to  put her in her room, we had also been trying tho get therapy for the last year but she refused to go or co-operate with any sessions arranged) which she viewed as abuse- and behaved as if there were no barriers or bounds. It has made me extremely sad and bereft  as to how things could come to this , a sense of failure overwhelmed this weekend- we have been through a sad time the last two months- my father in law died , then my fathers partner nearly died  from complications  after partial removal of her lung for cancer ( she is slowly on the mend) and then my friends father died, then another friends thirtytwo yearold daughter died in her sleep leaving a husband and two young children, then our next door neighbour died last week and then my mothers partner is in hospital with a mystery illness as yet undiagnosed- if this all seems like too much, it is. My daughter doesn’t want to see us, and  when I went to the Colac Show on friday I saw her, and she me, and she ran away- her younger sister ran after her to  talk but she ran away. We  actually have a strong  feeling that she may have dissociative identity disorder and despite the fact that  this condition normally arises out of sexual abuse-  in 10% of cases the cause is unknown, we actually feel the condition may have been present since birth, due to the kind of strange way she arrived in the world.

Anyway the video clip  left me feeling hugged and it gave a small but welcome sense of relief.


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8 thoughts on “Free Hugs”

  1. What an amazing clip Djanne. It is like something that the Chasers would do and it lifts the spirit to see so many running for a hug.

    What can I say about the chain of events you have faced? Just “come here and I will give you many, big, squeezy hugs”. You know my number if you need a chat.

  2. I know that you are going to come through this. I know this because you come here offering solace first – giving freely – at a time when your personal outer circumstances seem crushing and overwhelming.

    I was touched by the Free Hug movement. Thanks for sharing.

    Now – come on over here. I have something for you!

    Heart to heart – I feel your aching heart beating in rhythm with mine – and together we find solace.

    Thank you for sharing and I am sending virtual hugs and real ones too!

  3. Dianne,

    What a brave, patient and caring soul you are. With so much death, grief and challenges around you and in your family and having that strengh and positive attitude can only inspire us. I am praying and sending healing energy to you, your daughter and your whole family so that each one of your can feel comforted, consoled and loved in your own fear, grief and inner confusion. Let the love that you all are be realized on a physical level so that you can all be reunited together again with understanding and love.

    Thank you for sharing that movie which inspired me few weeks back to start a virtual Hugathon in my blog. There are many more wonderful images of animal hugs in the link below – And a special warm and long one for YOU!
    Darina 🙂

  4. Darina!
    What a pleasure to see this hugathon.
    See what you started Djanne
    I think it is simply wonderful. Goes to show what converting stress to creative energy does! Applause of unity. Keep beating that drum of hope.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this…this has me still smiling, long after the video has ended. And I’m sending you the biggest, warmest hug these two arms can fling out to you…what a harrowing year you have been through. I hope that your daughter can at least get some help while she is with her foster family, and that you and your family can find a sense of confident peace as you navigate this road together.


  6. I received this video as well and it touched me…I sent it on to many folks. Glad it found its way here. I hope you find some peace within the chaos, and this site is proof positive that we can touch others, even those we know very little, in a profound and meaningful way.

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