Jean Frool caught a Jet Plane


As she left Jean Frool wrote

I am leaving
on a jet plan
don’t know
if I will ever be back again

and, true to her word, Jean stepped through the door
and came to Lemuria and the Isle of the Temple People.

She was amazed
to be accepted in Lemuria as Jean Frool
who never drank excessively
smoked or had a red light above her door.

No one minded that, to purge her responsible self, she sat
for a long while
in her hair curlers, chain smoking and
and told anyone who would listen
of the time
Sir Bob Geldolf came to her
when she was in a psychosis.

“If it had been our Lord
who had visited and not that old Boom Town Rat
they never would have filled me up with mind numbing drugs”
she said sardonically
to those who had not stopped listening

Now Jean Frool is a Lemurian Elder
and is trying to live happily ever after.
She sits dreaming, scheming
hoping that
Sir Bob, that wickedly naughty Boom Town Rat
Will come again and hang
his hat on her hat stand
just one more time.

Anyone got Sir Bob’s email address?


2 thoughts on “Jean Frool caught a Jet Plane”

  1. I just love, love, love Jean Frool. She is sooo coool!!! Oh and by the way (not name dropping!!!) but Sir Bob went to school with my Donnie’s brothers!!! Donnie teaches in the school he attended and he calls back now and then!!! We are very fond of Sir Bob here in Ireland, partly because he is so irreverent!! Plus he has compassion. Excellent combination!!

  2. oooh really! I taught naughty irreverent boys, with big hearts and compassion and we always had such fun in my classes because, just between you and me, I was naughty and irreverent too. Dave Allen was another of my love’s (or should I say another of Jean’s loves – wink wink nudge nudge and all that). Perhaps your Donnie could get his brothers to find your Bob’s email and tell Bob to bring himself and a little sprinkle of his big hearted compassion over here to this place of comfort.

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