We Lift You Up – the power of prayer

Before my father died, I was a devout, card carrying atheist. My mother is a Christian. My brother keeps his own council. My husband is a Buddhist. My father an agnostic.

In the metropolis where my parents once lived, there was a phenomenon that doesn’t exist in my small town. There are churches the size of baseball stadiums! I was amazed to think of worshipping with 9, 999 ofmy closest friends. I was naive. I was converted. I was changed.

You see on the day my father had surgery – this church of 10,000 people prayed for me and my family. They did not tell me what the prayer was. I was vaguely aware of their habits – but didn’t think too much about it. After the surgery, as I made the obligatory phone calls to keep everyone informed – I told Manny and Sylvia – how magical the day had been. I told them that I felt weightless. My heavy heart felt light for the first time in weeks. It was then that I learned of this prayer. In this church they hold up their hands, open their hearts, and pray to their God. They ask that I be lifted up! They don’t presume to know what God’s plans are for me or my family. They don’t prescribe the miracle that God shall perform. It is a simple prayer. Thy will be done. It is powerful stuff.

To Manny and Sylvia and to all those who interceded on our behalf. Gracias. I love you.


3 thoughts on “We Lift You Up – the power of prayer”

  1. I too have felt this weighlessness recently. It is nothing short of breathtaking when ravens literally circle above my car as I drive to the hospital and form a guard of honour as I drive to my mother’s of a Sunday. I know that they are bringing prayers and energy from people at Soul Food and I always stop and stay ‘hello girl! Thank you for coming!’

  2. It’s really quite, quiet incredible. Just one of those many mysterious phenomenons that remain unexplainable. Makes one want to bow down and touch one’s forehead off the ground. A powerful experience you both have had. Blessings on you.

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