take my heart…

“Come take my heart, beloveds,” speaks a gentle voice from the place between your breaths.  You hear rather than see an image, wavering in watery mist, shimmery and slightly out of focus.  You cannot make out a face, although through your silent silken tears you warm to the embrace of those words so gently spoken…softer than the breath of a butterfly.  You feel as if you are floating and melding with the image itself, somehow your sorrow begins to lighten a bit.  It is as if you feel you are being sprinkled with waterfalls of starshine that you may wrap around your quivering shoulders and hold as your very own….”What is this about?” you wonder as you settle again upon your comfort-place.  You feel rather than hear that voice as if it is an echo within you—“Dream with me, beloveds,” you know the words from a distant hum from ancient ways ago…


Published by

Auntie Em

I am a word weaver, muse mistress, haven harper, singer, lover, friend, daughter, sister, mother, yet most importantly, wife of papa faucon!

4 thoughts on “take my heart…”

  1. My beloveds, there is joy yet beyond any sadness! See, look in my watery ways…there are muted colors swirling, swirling. Touch the waters and they will entwine around your heart and soul, and weave a wave within you. Dance with your spirit and sing, your words and thoughts and songs are heard!

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