Starting Over

All my bags are packed
I’m ready to go
I am leaving
on a jet plane
Don’t know
if I will come back again




5 thoughts on “Starting Over”

  1. I know that Anita Marie. Doing this is a part of me letting go of a deep hurt and sense of abandonment. As a wise person has just said to me, we make our own reality and I don’t want my reality to be that of the walking, bitter wounded. All my ‘family’ are gathering here and showing their love and support and that means an enormous amount right now. Suddenly the load does not seem as heavy and a pain has been eased and palliated.

  2. Their loss, they don’t deserve you – and remember, where ever you land there will be someone waiting to take you home.
    Waves of strength and affection,

  3. I would travel with Jean in a heartbeat – as long as she brings Heather along and Enchanteur, Ebony, and everyone else will fit in the checked luggage.

    Yes – Jean, Heather, and me – sitting in first class – enjoying tea and mimosas.

    I love the way she is looking back over her shoulder – but her body is moving forward.

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