Love and Solace

Capacity for Solace

there is a nagging question
of whether the capacity for love
is limited, as a vessel, in a man’s soul?
Certainly, the quality of divine love
is different than man’s capacity or hope.
Can this vessel’s shape be changed or enlarged?
Is it formed of fine crystal or simple clay?
Does faith cause the vessel to grow
like a womb
and give birth to love?
Or does God’s love infuse the vessel
with a capacity for solace and passion
that enables man to love?
When the vessel seems limited, I think,
it may be filled with many stones
of grief and despair and bitterness.
We are captivated
by the beauty of these stones
that we polished so carefully
with best intentions.
How then do we give them away?
How do we fall out of love with
The idea of love’s gifts,
and learn instead to embrace
the purity of love’s power?
To grow or purify – a choice of will perhaps?



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3 thoughts on “Love and Solace”

  1. Does faith cause the vessel to grow like a womb?

    Faith in the universe as compared to religious dogma transmutes to growth. My experience is the fundamentalist dogma of any kind shrinks the capacity for understanding and empathy.

  2. In the tradition I study, when the heart breaks, it can break wide open – mended and expanded or it can break and be constrained by scar tissue.

    I have faith that my heart is always broken in just the right way to reveal my soul gifts.

    No vessel can ever contain my infinity.

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