Finding Serenity



My dear friend, Simone, took this photograph of me in her garden just a few weeks ago. We had spent idyllic hours together and she had nourished my creativity by providing all the tools to paint rune stones and by taking me to share rich soup for lunch. The photograph reveals what her compassion, empathy and kindness did for me that day. I appear in control and at peace.

Thank you Simone!

5 thoughts on “Finding Serenity”

  1. Heather,
    I adore this photo. I had my husband print out a copy. I use it to keep Enchanteur in her place. Without you to counteract her energy, the woman would run my life!

    Blessings to Simone – a woman who knows the true meaning of nourishment.

  2. Lovely photo, thank you Simone, nice to see you smile Heather, nice to see you and put a face to Enchanter etc.
    You do appear in control and at peace but you usually always sound that way to me anyway, but there is also a certain radiance, dare I say?
    Keep smiling Heather, for (through watching Bambi 2) as the song says ‘for it’s out of the darkness that we learn to see’, there is life!
    – my thoughts – if horribly unwanted but applicable, even after this physical one.

    love you always

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