Choose a Rug for Comfort




Choose a rug of comfort, wrap yourself and sit in the Temple of Solace.

image courtesy of Monika Roleff – October 2006


11 thoughts on “Choose a Rug for Comfort”

  1. And so am I. My grieving for my way of life seems to have subsided for the time being, and I would like to offer my shoulder, my arms and my heart to you all, as you have done for me.

    Love, in the greatest sense that word can carry,


  2. I am always already here/there for and within you…
    Whether in sorrow or in joy we are one and we can share whatever is there in us and around us.

    I think it is a great idea to have this virtual place where we can hold the space for mutual sharing, consolation, support and encouragement. I feel that it may be very difficult for some of us to express our feelings and grief and for others to reach out and offer our understanding, compassion and love in times of sorrow, loss and grief.

    I know that we can all go beyond our fears, sadness and isolation and transend all these limitations and feelings of loneliness, frustration and separation by simply reaching to someone else and sharing our being as it is – openly, trustingly, lovingly…

    So I am. And I feel you. And I love you. Darina.

  3. Shakespeare wrote in Macbeth,’Give sorrow words, The grief that is not spoke whispers to the unquiet heart and bids it break.’I think that’s good advice so if anyone out there needs a listening ear for that sorrow or anything else…call by. Jan

  4. Yes I am also here to share and allay the grief and help transform it into a memory that weaves through the ongoing life. As Neil McGregor said memory is not a static nostalgivc condition but an active ongoing dynamic.

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